Chef Brown Catering  - "We Cater To You"
 No event is too small or too large. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinners, Appetizers & BBQ's. Whatever you Need! 
 "We Cater to You"

  Garden Salad 
Caesar Salad
Greek Salad  
Kale Salad 
Pasta Salad  
Chicken Salad   
Macaroni Salad
Seafood Salad 
Chicken Pasta Salad
Shrimp Pasta Salad 
Tuna Salad 
Potato Salad 
Cole Slaw
Dinner & Lunch
**(Carving Stations Available for Some Entree Options ) **
Fried Chicken
Herb Baked Chicken
Baked Teriyaki Chicken 
Jerk Chicken
Chicken Marsala
Stuffed Chicken (Spinach or Cheese )
Chicken Cordon Bleu 
Herb Roasted Turkey
Orange Pineapple Honey Baked Ham
Apple Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin 
Pork Chops(Fried, Smothered or Baked)
Baked Pork Ribs 
Country Fried Steak and Gravy 
Roast Beef  Brisket
Baked Beef Ribs  
Chef Brown's Famous Meatloaf
Lamb (Chops, Leg of Lamb, Loin) 
Salmon (Jerk, Sweet Chili, Lemon Butter)
Stuffed Salmon (Spinach or Crab meat) 
Seafood Boil 
Lobster Tails 
Crab Legs 
Crab Cakes 
Salmon Croquettes 
Shrimp Scampi (with or without Pasta) 
Shrimp Kabobs  (Garlic Lemon Butter, Hawaiian, Coconut, Teriyaki)
Tilapia / Whiting (Baked)
Fried Fish (**Onsite Only**

Fettuccini Alfredo (Chicken, Steak,Shrimp or Veggie) 
Spaghetti (Beef or Turkey
White Wine Shrimp  Pasta 
Creamy Salmon Pasta 
Lasagna (Meat  or Vegetable)
Vegetarian  Pasta 

Side Dishes 

Choice of Vegetable:
Glazed  Carrots
Steamed Cabbage
Collard Greens /w Cornbread
Sautéed Spinach 
Sautéed Kale 
Cream Corn
Cajun Corn on the Cob
Southern Green Beans (With or Without Bacon
Roasted Brussels Sprouts  (With or Without Bacon
Roasted Parmesan Broccoli
Roasted Cauliflower 
Grill/Roasted Asparagus
Zucchini & Squash 
Mixed Vegetables  
Choice of Starch
Rice Pilaf
                           Dirty Rice (Beef or Turkey
Fried Rice 
Yellow Rice 
Cilantro Lime Rice 
Red Beans & Rice
Wild Rice 
 Broccoli and Rice  Casserole
Candy Yams 
Sweet Potato Souffle
Mashed Sweet Potatoes 
Loaded Baked Sweet Potato 
Garlic Mashed Potatoes 
Herb Roasted Potatoes
Loaded Baked Potato 
Macaroni & Cheese
Lobster Mac N Cheese
Shrimp Mac N Cheese 
Chicken Mac N Cheese 

Cold Appetizers 
Shrimp Cocktail
Tuna or Chicken Salad w/ Crouton Crackers
Crab Salad
 Finger Sandwiches
Hoagie Sandwiches
Assorted Fresh Fruit Tray
Assorted Cheese Tray
Assorted Fresh Vegetable Tray
Assorted Meat and Cheese Tray 
Smoked Salmon Spread on Cucumber
Southern Style Angel Eggs (add  Bacon or Shrimp) 
Hot Appetizers 
Chicken Wings 
(Hot, Mild, Honey-Hot, BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, Garlic Parmesan) 
Smoked  Chicken Wings
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Nuggets
Stuffed Mushrooms
Fried Green Tomatoes 
Lobster Dip 
Crab Dip 
Spinach Dip
Collard Green Wontons (With sweet potato dipping sauce) 
Spring Rolls 
Cheese Hamburger Egg Rolls
Steak n Cheese Egg Rolls
Teriyaki Sesame Chicken Skewers
Teriyaki Beef Skewers 
Chicken n Waffle  Bites 
Mini Shrimp n Grits Bowls 
 Pasta Salad  
Shrimp & Pineapple Skewers 
Beef Cocktail Sausage with BBQ Sauce
Cocktail in a Blanket (Pork or Beef)
Honey BBQ  Meatballs
BBQ  Pull Pork Sliders
Chicken Quesadilla 
Chicken Sliders  
Hamburger Sliders 

Food Bars Ideas
 Mashed Potato Bar
Taco/Nacho/Fajita Burrito Bar
Pasta Bar 
Salad Bar
Sandwich Bar 
Hotdog Bar
Burger Bar
Mimosa Bar
BBQ Menu

BBQ Ribs (Beef or Pork)
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Pork Chops
BBQ Pulled (Pork, Beef or Chicken)
BBQ Pork Tenderloin
BBQ Beef Brisket
BBQ Sausage Links
Grilled Kabobs (Shrimp, Chicken, Beef or Pork)
Grilled Steaks
Grill Kabobs
Hotdogs (Beef, Turkey or Chicken)
Hamburgers (Turkey or Beef)
Baked Beans
Mac & Cheese
Green Beans
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Marconi Salad
Garden Salad
Corn on the Cob
French Fries
Onion Ring
Potato Chips
Toya's Punch 
Ice Tea
 Bottled Water

  Breakfast/Brunch Menu 

Scrambled Eggs/with or without cheese
Steak N Eggs 
Bacon (Pork or Turkey)
Sausage  Pattie or Links (Pork, Beef Chicken or Turkey)
Honey Glazed Breakfast Ham
Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
Sausage Egg Sliders with or without cheese
Bacon Egg Sliders with Cheese
Cinnamon Rolls
An assortment of Muffins, Danishes, Bagels
Grits with or without Cheese
Shrimp n Grit with Cheese and Bacon
Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Glaze 
Chicken n Waffles
French Toast
Fruit Tray
Deviled Eggs 
Mini Quiche
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Sliders
Hamburger Sliders
Honey BBQ Meatballs
Finger Sandwiches
French Fries
Breakfast Potatoes
Pig in the Blankets (mini beef sausage links)

Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Ice Tea